New to the church? New to Speedway


don't be alarmed..

The Episcopal church is filled with bells, smells, and a workout for your body, mind, and spirit. We joke about pew aerobics, because in a typical Episcopal service, you will stand, sit, and kneel — all postures for prayer dating back to the ancient church.


Traditional Worship/  Progressive Thinking 

We care about you, not what you’re wearing. As Episcopalians, we are followers of Jesus Christ, and both our worship and our mission are in Christ’s name. In Jesus, we find that the nature of God is love, and through baptism, we share in his victory over sin and death.


Light at the end of the street..

Our location isn't ideal, but we make a way to feed hundreds of people, engage in social justice issues throughout the state of Indiana, and elevate the name of Jesus in worship with each other and the community around.